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VDA BSOD (Chrome? BIS-F?)

Oliver Clapton




unfortunately I am having troubles with my MCS created server. After deployment the server crashes with a BSOD.


OS: Server 2019 

VDA: 1912cu3

XenServer: 7.1 CU2 (all updates)


The crash happens when opening Chrome Browser, just a few seconds after launching. Also when starting another internal application the server crashes with a BSOD. I did not notice any problems with other applications yet.


The machine template was sealed with BIS-F where i assume the problem, but I can not find it. I think it has something to do with the MCS cache but it is just a guess.


Things that seem suspicious:

- I enabled in BIS-F GPO, that the log files should be placed on D:\ (MCS Cache Disk) --> this does not happen

- GPO BIS-F Citrix Section:  Configure MCS device: MCSIO Disk Drive Letter D - Number of partitions: 2 (I change the values without any difference in behaviour)

-GPO BIS-F Microsoft Section: Configure Page File: When I configure to place a 4GB Page File on D:\ this does not happen. If I don't configure it, and make a 4GB Page File on C:\ on my template it automatically is placed on D:\ on my VDA just as I want




The Cache Disk is correctly created with an mcsdif.vhdx in it. The pagefile is there, too, when not created with BIS-F GPO.


BIS-F finishes without noticable errors. 


Maybe someone has an idea how I can further troubleshoot, as I don't have any ideas left.


Best regards


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