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Can you please fix Citrix Workspace to work with Monterey 12.1 on Macbook Air with M1 processor?

Rabia Khan


Does Citrix even test their software? I made an account here just so I could reach out to someone to do something. I work for Wellstar Hospital in Atlanta and use EPIC healthcare records system. I use a Macbook Air with M1 processor running Monterey 12.1 MacOS. The window where I access my EPIC application disappears every time I move it or Maximize it. Random blocks of black and white begin to shop up 5 minutes in the session. If I minimize my Citrix window or click on another application window like Safari or Chrome or Word or Excel, my Citrix window disappears completely. I cant ever bring it back. Is not irresponsible to be releasing these products when they don't work? I am a doctor and I work hard round the clock. I don't need this headache in my life. PLEASE FIX IT! You owe this to your customers and users.

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Hello From Canada, Trillium Health Partners, same issue here for our Docs via Epic Citrix XenApp sessions. Screen becomes corrupted when opening various windows during clinical workflows. Users unable to navigate via  menus due to screen corruption using Mac OS12.1 M1 and Intel based macs, using Workspace version 2201.0.23 latest posted via Citrix is there a fix for Workspace and Monterey 12.1 for Mac.


Is there a known workaround anyone has encountered.



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