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Historical Idle Time Report



HR has asked me to provide a historical idle time report for a few users that they suspect have been logging in the morning and not touching their machines again until the work day is done...  I don't seem to be able find this report in Director.  I know the following command will give me the idle time for the currently logged in users, but I need historical going back at least a few days...


Get-BrokerSession | Select Username,ClientName,DesktopGroupName,StartTime,SessionState,Idleduration


Aside from expensive 3rd party tools, does anyone have an suggestions?  I don't care if it PowerShell or a raw SQL query...  1912LTSR CU4...



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Something to bear in mind is that single-session OS doesn't provide an idle time anyway, so unless the users in question are working from Server OS machines there may not be an idle time to capture.


Having been through this situation myself, I ended up taking a screenshot of the open apps for that user's session from Director every half hour, and pasting the screenshots into a Word doc with timestamps.   No-one only has Outlook and Chrome open on the same webpage all day and never anything else (at least not in my company), and that was good enough for HR.


We now have ControlUp in place, which does log this data and can be used to provide a nice chart of idle/in-use times for the session.

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