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Citrix ADC SDX Backup - Scheduled Backup uploaded twice

Sebastian Krizek

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Hi everyone,


we are currently using two Citrix ADC SDX 8015. And we use the backup policy, to keep the latest five backups locally on the SDX and also transfer them to an external server.

After checking the backups, i saw that the latest backups are missing on the remote server. After investigating I found out that the disk space is limited on the remote and that for some reason the SDX is pushing its backup 2 twice a day on the remote server around 10:45 pm and 1:30 am. According to the backup policy backups are taken at 00:30 am.

If the SDX would only save one system backup on the remote server I wouldnt have any issues.

Is this normal? has someone else seen this?


Kind regards,

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