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Desktop Disconnects while on specific Webpage

Bastian Frohnhoefer


So since about a week our Users are getting Disconnected from their Desktop Session while opening the following webpages in Chrome:




We fixed it by redirecting this Webpages to the legacy browser but we are still curious what causes this as there could be other webpages with this issue.

The disconnected User is not able to reconnect, if he does he will get disconnected immediately even if we closed the Chrome process before.

If we logoff the user everything works normal again until he tries to open the webpage.

I cant find any error messages in the Log or the Director, it just shows "disconnected"


We using 1912 LTSR and the Disconnects happens on Windows and ThinClients from Dell (Wyse)


If possible can somebody verify the issue on their end?




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Well that's some proper weirdness.   I clicked on the first link from your post, and got disconnected immediately from my session.   After a minute I was able to get back into it, with Chrome sitting on the German-language AZ  homepage as you'd expect, but there's definitely something not quite right!


So yes, I can verify the issue, but not sure why it would be happening.

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I found the answer to this. Apparently, you can't have HTML5 redirection enabled in combination with BCR.



After disabling HTML5, users didn't get disconnected from their sessions anymore.

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