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Slowness and a few commands not working from tacacs cred from GUI

Satish Tiwari

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In past and current organisations experience I observed Slowness and a few commands (specifically waf related commands)not working from tacacs cred from GUI..

This issue I observed if we have Cisco İSE n Netscaler, other devices like F5, Firewalls all commands are working with same tacacs cred (Cisco ISE)

Raised case with Cisco and Citrix but no solutions from anyone.

This is not something break down, the issue since we implemented device in our environment

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Hello Satish,

Do you have TACACS authorisation enabled? If yes, in that case NetScaler Queues request for TACACS accounting, which means if 2-3 commands are triggered at once unless we get response for 1st command from TACACS, other two commands will be in queue. Now if response from TACACS take too much time other two request will stay in queue for longer time and may time out.

When you load GUI page then multiple APIs are triggered to load different information, Now since every API needs to be be sent to TACACS for authorisation hence queue starts to build up and if response from TACACS takes longer time command may fail.

If you have any active case with support then please provide us with case number so that we can direct it correctly as this will require log and trace analysis.

Thanks and regards,


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Thanks for your response Hemang,

The active case number is 82212540

Yes, We have TACACS authorisation enabled and I understand the logic behind but it is quite slow.

After disabling TACACS authorisation we observed the below issue.

Not authorized to execute this command [show ns license]

Not authorized to execute this command [show ns feature]

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