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CiC does not monitor configuration changes on NetScaler

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I ran into an issue accidentally. After basic clearing of netscaler configuration the controller does not seem to reapply any settings. I doubt that this is how it should be. So what parameters solve this problem?


EDIT: To be more clear I am going to describe the situation in detail. At the moment I am developing CI/CD GitOps tool based on Ansible that is supposed to automate manual netscaler configuration. It is clear that the basic config file this tool is using does not need to contain settings managed by citrix ingress controller, so they were wiped. But after testing this "new" config I found out CiC knows nothing about my experiments. Even in its logs there are no updates. Only after restarting the pod the settings began to roll out. So I have come to the conclusion that something is missing in the CiC manifest or the netscaler configuration.

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Do you mean CCO does not reapply changes to cluster member ADC when you wipe the config of the member adc?

If you are referring to the above scenario, the ADC's participation in a cluster is similar to an HA pair. The cluster has to be aware of the node you are adding (add cluster node command) and the member node must know it is joining a cluster (join cluster).


When you wiped the config of the member node, it no longer knew it was part of a cluster. It didn't know the CLIP ip to expect communications with as it thought it was now standalone.  So any attempts the cluster makes to send it data is rejected.


You have to repeat any required initial networking, do the join cluster command, and then reboot the node to restore participation in the cluster.  Without "knowing" it is part of the cluster it will not accept communication from a remote ADC.

Inverse of this example:  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/clustering/cluster-troubleshooting/ns-cluster-trouble-tip-ref.html


EDIT: I realize that CiC reference in the title probably has nothing to do with what I was discussing so my comments may be irrelevant to your scenario.  Leaving details, in case there is an overlap regarding the adc/cluster communication. But again, this may have nothing to do with your CiC (Kubernetes?) communication. Apologies. Share more info to clarify exact scenario and someone else may have better information for you.  

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Hi Vladimir,

CIC manages the configuration via frontend IP given in the ingress yamls.

It will try to apply the desired state based upon k8s configuration. In that process it can remove any configuration if it doesn't finds in k8s manifests. Also CIC manages the whole configuration and we are not supposed to apply any out of bound external configuration.


>>>  Only after restarting the pod the settings began to roll out. So I have come to the conclusion that something is missing in the CiC manifest or the netscaler

Can you please update more here . The steps that were performed to deploy the CIC and k8s manifests.

Ideally CIC will get the events from k8s and will apply the same to NS.In case events are not coming it will not do any thing.

On re-starting the pod it will get all the events and configure accordingly.


We need to check the logs as what happend during initial time  .



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