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WEM agent upgrade from 1912 to 2109 stops UPM profiles getting created/updated

Andy White1709154166



We've tried this on 2 Citrix environments, but if we updated the WEM agent on the master images from 1912 to 2109 then the users UPM folder does not get updated. If we delete it and get them to login and logoff then their folder doesn't even get created.


The WEM server is 2109 and the VDA agent is CU3 on the images.

Is this a known bug?


I want to look at the WEM logs for the user, do I need to enable this in the reg then use log parser to view?



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I have this same issue. Was this identified as a bug? Seems like 2109 has issues? 


I am running WEM 2012.1.0.1 in production. Using Citrix UPM and folder redirections. In WEM there are 2 settings. Policies and Profiles > Citrix Profile Management Settings > Advanced Settings Delete redirected folders. If enabled, deletes local copies of redirected folders. This is enabled in production. The 2nd option is Microsoft USV Settings > Folder Redirection (2/2) Delete Local Redirected Folders. So both are enabled. In production this has no impact on local user profiles when logged into VDA's.


I am running WEM 2109 in UAT with the same selections. In UAT my folders for local users are no longer there. These settings appear to be applying in this version but not previous versions? Is this a bug or was the new version fixed an originally that was a bug? When users log into VDA"s the local profile folders are literally emptied.

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