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FSLogix with Office 365 "Sorry, another account from your organization is already signed in on this computer"

Alexander Rothe


Hello guys,


we have the following Setup:

Windows Server 2016 with VDA 1912 LTSR

FSLogix 2.9.7838

M365 Apps 16.0.13801


Since few months we have the problem, that some User receive randomly the Log-in Screen from O365, when they start a O365 Apps. After they type in the e-mail adress the following message occure:



I can see that the User is logged in in o365 - after the User click on cancel office is not activated and not usable.

Have someone an idea or the same problem?
Thanks for your help!

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we have also the same problem. Actually no solution.

There must be a conflict between FSLogix "IncludeOfficeActivation" and SCLCacheOverrideDirectory set with GPO. It worked in the past but since a few weeks the problems came in.


Setup is:

Windows Server 2016 with VDA 2112

FSLogix 2.9.7838.44263

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise - 16.0.14326.20784


Best regards


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I have the same issue with a similar setup.


I am running FSLogix 2.9.7838.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise - 16.0.14326.


I tried mounting the users VHD and removed some registry values. None of the online fixes I found have worked. The next logical step is for me is to rebuild the user profile to see if it works, but even if this works it is not ideal.  

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