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BDM.exe for PVS in Azure

Aran Walker1709161820


The documentation for PVS 2112 on Azure says to create the boot disk that the Azure VM's will use with BDM.exe and then upload it to Azure storage. What I can't figure out is, after running BMD and clicking "Burn"...where's the disk file to upload? It says the burn was successful but it never asks where I want to save the file and I've searched the machine for a vhd or vhdx and can't find anything. 



Any insight would be appreciated.



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So I answered my own question eventually through trial and error. The documentation says to select the "Msft Virtual Disk" in BDM. Seems that's only needed to create your initial image so the source machine can connect to PVS as it boots. To manually create additional new VM's in Azure to boot from PVS, you choose "Citrix VHD Image" from the boot device drop down and then it will prompt you where to save the 20MB VHD. I uploaded that VHD to a storage account, created a Managed Disk from it, and then created a VM from the Disk and was able to boot it to PVS.

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