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Offload Compositing with Virtual Machine Template

Akinola Oke


I am having issue create layer (Platform Layer) through a vSphere connector that has both "Virtual Machine Template" and "Offload Compositing" enabled.

After getting "Successfully uploaded boot image, it eventually failed with "The compositing Engine failed to initialize after '00:20:00'".


The suggestion in this link "https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX266994" could not be of help either.


I am aware that "Virtual Machine Template" is optional, but are they both not to be used in together?

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Yes, it succeeds if a template is not used.

We do have dhcp on the subnet and it has been working as such, though without "Offload Compositing.


I have only be using connector with template but not enabling "Offload Compositing" until now.

Just now want to take advantage of this feature.


I have reverted the settings relating to CTX266994 since it did not bring any improvement.


From where should I look further?

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17 minutes ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

Does your template have a different network defined?  Does it have two DVD drives?

No, the Connector and Template have same network defined.

I just observed that the network-adapter of the template is not set to connect at power on in vSphere setting, but this has never been an issue. VMXNET3 is being used.

It is same template I have been using for Months/Years, now just added "Offload Compositing" option.


I have eventually also added port 3260 in firewall exemption rule but no changes.


Any particular log I should look into?

Though I have created a ticket by support.

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