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Local Storage gone after crash

Scott Ugolik


Hello all,

I recently "inherited" a XenCenter setup and I'm not extremely familiar with Citrix so I'm looking for help.

Running XenCenter 6.0.2 (build 53158) with 2 XenServers running 6.0.2-46947x and Everrun handling a redundant VM between the 2 servers.

Server 1 crashed a few days ago, after rebooting it, there is no longer a local storage SR. I'm guessing this is the reason we can no longer have Everrun create the VM on that server, my logic being it doesn't have a hard drive to run the OS on, but like I said, not familiar enough with Citrix.

Could this assumption be correct?

If so, is it possible to copy the Local Storage from Server 2 to Server 1?

If so, do I need to create the SR first?

Any help is appreciated and if any info would help, just tell me what you need and I can post here.

I did an lvscan on each server and there is one VHD on server 2 than 1. Guessing that would be the Local Storage.


[root@MNRNextivaXS1 ~]# lvscan
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-e26d705a-437e-d65e-e31c-f4be325bf0cd/MGT' [4.00 MB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-e26d705a-437e-d65e-e31c-f4be325bf0cd/VHD-947dc9a1-88b1-4350-84ad-0e2ac11ee7dc' [50.11 GB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-50d40269-283d-8c79-482d-7f8c53d57cb8/MGT' [4.00 MB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-50d40269-283d-8c79-482d-7f8c53d57cb8/VHD-71a99d5e-f4e7-4f4b-a51f-acf9824f65d4' [50.11 GB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-211077c2-90e9-2783-a90a-66cdb26a955a/MGT' [4.00 MB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-211077c2-90e9-2783-a90a-66cdb26a955a/VHD-3c81583f-741a-494b-98a5-d5a80fde6ba2' [16.00 MB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-211077c2-90e9-2783-a90a-66cdb26a955a/everRun_e636cf8f-bda7-477b-854b-eb8f32ee1001' [3.91 GB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-211077c2-90e9-2783-a90a-66cdb26a955a/VHD-f70ea3ba-5681-4310-9950-9e01476eca47' [50.11 GB] inherit
[root@MNRNextivaXS1 ~]#

[root@MNRNextivaXS2 ~]# lvscan
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-f4967e14-dce2-6cca-8e4e-28455ed4de93/MGT' [4.00 MB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-f4967e14-dce2-6cca-8e4e-28455ed4de93/VHD-ab15d649-6f13-45a3-b46a-b26a326ee385' [50.11 GB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-901dc8e1-c351-f7d3-82d9-7ccda4919881/MGT' [4.00 MB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-901dc8e1-c351-f7d3-82d9-7ccda4919881/VHD-b341d2cc-3b35-48c1-86f1-c756f834e592' [50.11 GB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-92ea2ed5-b521-4298-d784-d5847486f86e/MGT' [4.00 MB] inherit
  inactive          '/dev/VG_XenStorage-92ea2ed5-b521-4298-d784-d5847486f86e/VHD-971e7332-a1f1-43a3-9190-bd3dbdc24892' [16.00 MB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-92ea2ed5-b521-4298-d784-d5847486f86e/everRun_f6aa4669-3790-477a-8ddd-26b468b0d87b' [3.91 GB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-92ea2ed5-b521-4298-d784-d5847486f86e/VHD-530e6a23-a4f5-4f04-8bb7-1ffb22639df2' [50.11 GB] inherit
  inactive          '/dev/VG_XenStorage-92ea2ed5-b521-4298-d784-d5847486f86e/VHD-13b11ac2-601a-497c-bdee-6deaebc588f6' [50.11 GB] inherit
[root@MNRNextivaXS2 ~]# 

I did see a lot of posts with "Local Storage Gone" type of issues but nothing I can use.



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You could export the VM from a different local SR on a different servers, destroy and re-create the local SR on the defective instance, and import the VMs onto it, perhaps?

You'd need to then change the IP addresses and perhaps some other parameters to avoid conflict with any running VMs on other servers.


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Let me just clarify what I've been trying to say because I'm probably not saying it correctly.




Server 1 is offline at the moment but the "Local Storage" in the Server 2 tree is no longer showing in the server 1 tree.

Can I just remake that?


Then, the 3 disks that I highlighted, I need to copy those to the server 1 Local Storage.

How can I find them on the disk?

Is there a way to copy them?


Hopefully I haven't been too far off of what I need.

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I think I may understand now (maybe)!


Local storage is unique to the server it is installed on; it is not accessible at all to any other servers in the pool as storage epr se, but apparently EerRun talks to the server on which it's installed in some way (I'm not familiar with how the product functions).  If you cannot get the server containing that local SR to come back up, there is nothing you can do to link back to it.



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You'd have to detach and destroy the existing local storage, and then re-create it (which has to be done via the CLI -- see:

https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX121313 for how to do this. You should then be able to re-install onto the replacemnet local SR>

Note that anything else on the local SR will be destroyed in the process!


There is a rather involved way to re-install XenServer and preserve the local SR, but that won't help if the contents are already in an unsalvageable state.


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"Detach and destroy the existing Local Storage"

There doesn't seem to be a Local Storage anymore, so how would I do that?


What exactly constitutes a SR?


If you look at the original post, you see this:


  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-211077c2-90e9-2783-a90a-66cdb26a955a/MGT' [4.00 MB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-211077c2-90e9-2783-a90a-66cdb26a955a/VHD-3c81583f-741a-494b-98a5-d5a80fde6ba2' [16.00 MB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-211077c2-90e9-2783-a90a-66cdb26a955a/everRun_e636cf8f-bda7-477b-854b-eb8f32ee1001' [3.91 GB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/VG_XenStorage-211077c2-90e9-2783-a90a-66cdb26a955a/VHD-f70ea3ba-5681-4310-9950-9e01476eca47' [50.11 GB] inherit

Judging by the other server (should be a mirror image) I'm assuming the "VG_XenStorage-211077c2-90e9-2783-a90a-66cdb26a955a" is where the Local Storage should be. So when you say "anything else on the local SR will be destroyed", are you referring to all VHD's in "VG_XenStorage-211077c2-90e9-2783-a90a-66cdb26a955a"?


Sorry to be so uninformed but this is all new to me.

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Getting back to this....

I did a complete reinstall of xenserver on the bad server.

Probably did it wrong , I think I should've removed the old server first since it's still listed in Xencenter.

But now the question is, can I attach the sr's from the old server to the new one?

Basically move them from one server to the other?


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