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Netscaler VPN Client does not allow traffic on Domain Network

Reto Barandun

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Hello everyone


I have seen a strange behavior on the VPN Client. We have configured AlwaysOnVPN using Gateway NS 130 83.29.nc (ADC VPX Advanced Edition) with VPN Client. It works works as expected. Service Tunnel opens and User Tunnel work as expected. 


Users return to the office (Windows Domain Network) and boot their notebook while network cable is not plugged in. After the user plugs in the cable, the VPN client thinks it is in INTERNET and does not allow normal domain communication. The VPN Client tries to connect to the external gateway, which is blocked from inside the corporate network. Expected behavior would be that the VPN driver to turn off and allow normal communcation. If the user reboots the machine, everything is ok. 

Registry Keys on the machine are set as per Documentation. (LocationDetection = 1, suffixList = <internalDNS>

Intranet Applications are created and bound the the vserver.


Anyone seen the same behavior?





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