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Installation does not start on Dell R250

Neven Curic


Today I've tried to install Citrix Hypervisor Express 8.2 on new R250. Message is "Booting from Disk connected to Back USB 2: USB" and just hangs there. I've also tried booting from Virtual media ISO mounted with same result "Booting from Virtual Optical Drive" and nothing.

I can boot and instal basically anything else (tried few Linux distros, WS2019, Proxmox...) except Citrix Xenserver 8.2 Express AND xcp-ng (also older versions of both). I even did a full install of Proxmox to see if anything strange happens during first boot but everything went 100% fine.
(BIOS is 1.1.3, and the rest of the firmwares are updated to the latest versions).

Is that a known issue with gen15 Dell servers?

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