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Unexpected end of JSON input - Test LDAP Reachability

Pedro Huaroto M

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Hi NetScaler Team,


Regarding LDAP authentication, when verifying the LDAP connection via GUI (with the Test LDAP Reachability button) it shows the error message: Unexpected end of JSON input.

Via command line it does not show any error message or message indicating that the test worked, even putting an incorrect password it always shows the 'Done' message:
probe server -type LDAP -IP -port 389 -ldapBase "dc=tra, dc=lab" -ldapBindDn administrator@tra.lab -password "Test123" -secType PLAINTEXT


The password has no special characters

The version that the event happens is in 12.1:Build 63.23 y 12.1:Build 63.24.


Any suggestions to check via command line, or via GUI, the ldap connection??

Thanks you

Note: In lower versions (NS12.1: Build 58.15) I have seen that via command it shows at least if the password is correct or incorrect:
.."Valid credentials have been provided."..
..Valid Credentials are not provided." ...


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To expand on Johannes statement. If it is just a GUI bug, the test utility may not confirm the up/down state of your authe policy, but you should be able to do a live authentication call which should work.  


There's not really a command line version of the test that I know. If this is for system access or a vpn access, I just do an authentication test to see if policy does in fact work. 

You can confirm authentication details during a live call by observing the aaad.debug output (named pipe).  But there's no passive probing. Just run an authenticaiton test against the logon point to confirm policy is correct.


To view aaad.debug:


cd /tmp

cat aaad.debug

## run an authentication test. If it works, no need to look further unless you have multiple policies and you want to know which one engaged.

Review output from the cat command during the attempt and you will see the adc bind connection to ldap server (or failure), the user group extraction, and the confirmation of the user credentials.  aaad.debug shows all external authentication calls and can show you ldap, radius, saml events as they occur. Its a named pipe and not a log file. 

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Team NetScaler Thanks for the info,


As complementary information, the versions that present this bug are:
12.1:Build 63.23
12.1:Build 63.24


Works fine on older versions:


As of today, it works ok in the version:
Release (Feature Phase) 12.1 Build 64.16


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On 1/20/2022 at 5:40 AM, Johannes Norz said:

I have seen this as well. It seems to be a bug in GUI / this button. You may safely ignore this message.




Johannes Norz



I have seen this for the last several versions. Unfortunately, we cannot safely ignore it when we're trying to troubleshoot authentication. This is so frustrating this  has been broken for the last year and a half. 

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