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One or More of the selected layer versions are being modified and cannot be removed

Steve Turnbull1709156601




We are performing some clean-up of layers and facing the issue deleting layers and versions of layers even though they are not in edit mode.  The message is "One or More of the selected layer versions are being modified and cannot be removed"


Does anyone have a solution for this? we've rebooted the appliance but that doesn't help.  We are using version


Thanks in advance!





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it seems ok it appears to be the mono-sgen running consuming 100% cpu.  After around 30 minutes when the process settled down it is able to delete layers again.  I also had the message at the same time when going in to the configuration it said "could not communicate with the management service.  Please verify the health of the enterprise layer manager" 


we had upgraded the RAM a while ago on the appliance from 8GB to 16GB but left the CPU at 4.  We are going to reduce the RAM back to 8GB now in case it's causing any issues since the docs do say not to change it, which we were not aware of.  Reason for increasing the RAM originally was due to alerts triggering for RAM using almost 100% continuously.

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ah ok that makes sense, the swap partition has probably been set to a specific size for the appliance.  We are going to put them back to their normal defaults and the monitoring guys will just have to adjust their default thresholds:)


Interesting issue though and might be useful for anyone else reading this that while mono-sgen is running at 100% CPU  you could see issues within the console.  I've attached the other error about the management service.  


Both issues resolved once the mono-sgen calmed down and finished whatever it was doing.


Thanks Rob


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