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Desktop Lock and FSLogix

Ricardo Pinheiro




Our environment is: Xendesktop 7 1912 CU4. Our Win10 VDA have FSLogix implemented for users profile.

Our clients are HP ProDesk Win10 with Workspace App 21.9 and DesktopLock 21.9.

Users can login with success and receive their Win10 VM Desktop and the correct user profile.


PROBLEM after user1 logs off:
After the user logs off, a small user profile folder (user1) is created on the client machine (HP ProDesk) at C:\Users\

On the VDA side, no local user profile is left on C:\Users\


Wouldn't it be normal for this folder not to be created, since the user's profile is managed by FSLogix (roaming profile)?

If I have 50 users logging into the client machine, will I have 50 local user profile folders? 


Thank you.


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Why do you need profile management / fslogix in the physical device if you are using desktop lock?

Profile in the physical device is created always the first time you log in (is a copy from the Windows Default Profile, this is how windows works… ), thus, yes, you will have as many folders as users log in the system

There are several different configurations you can apply, although the best is configuring the physical device to use a mandatory read only profile, copied from a shared folder or even locally (from the default profile), and being deleted when log off (this can be done with AD policies, no need to use fslogix)

In the VDA, if you are using profile management and fslogix, the folder is deleted when the user logs off, to “clean info” and let the VDA ready for other user

Hope it helps

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Thanks for your input!


Just to clarify, we don't have FSLogix on the endpoint - I meant on the VDA only.



I my idea, the user's local profile on the endpoint would never be created, due to having Citrix Desktop Lock instaled...


So, in conclusion:

- on a machine with Citrix Desktop Lock installed, the user's local profile is always created, although there is no interaction with the local desktop?


Thank you!



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