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Need Powershell script to create multiple Storefront stores LTSR1912

Joseph Tregle1709163125

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I need powershell script that can:

1. Create multiple storefront stores

2. Able to add multiple farms to the stores


Does anyone have a solution besides the ones below which I have tried all the following but getting mixed results thanks


1. CTX206009 it will create a store but the store name is always "Store" no matter what name you provide. Opened a citrix case, assigned engineer gets same results in his lab


2. https://www.mycugc.org/blogs/chris-jeucken/2021/03/02/unattended-storefront-install-and-config mixed results


3. https://dennisspan.com/citrix-storefront-unattended-installation-with-powershell/#CompleteScriptConfigStoreFront mixed results

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