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We are using fslogix (ODFC)  and Citrix UPM (for the rest). Users launch multiple desktops on different RDS (two deliverygroups).

Since last update (2.9.7979.62170) of fslogix, they can't open Outlook on both desktops.

The GPO "AllowConcurrentUserSessions" is removed with the last update.



Enabling it manualy via registry: ConcurrentUserSessions = 1 has no effect. 



What do we have to configure that multiple instances of Outlook works again ?

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Thinking I've found the issue. When "Include Outlook peronaltization data in container" is enabled, multisession does not work anymore.
Disabling the setting, removing VHDX to recreate a new one and remove the registry-hive HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook
multisession works again.


The only problem is, that the user must configure its Outlook settings (like signatures and so on) again.



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Wondering that in policy the Accessmode is set to 3, but in users session, the accessmode is set to 0



Usersetting (session):



Also the VHDRWDiffDiskFilePath in registry showen as \\mydomain\path\FSLOGIX\username_usersid\servername_ODFC.VHDX does not exist.


I seems that there is a missconfigured setting but I cant find which one is the fault ?


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