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Excel pivot tables: certain text in column values causes Citrix Viewer crash/session disconnect (affects Dec 2021 and Jan 2022 preview)

Jarrad Richards


This is a VERY strange one.


I had a report from one of our Mac users that his Citrix session disconnects when he was setting up pivot table to do a monthly report. I've been able to replicate this and it seems to only be an issue when there's certain text in the column name of a field being dragged into the pivot table setup. This is only an issue in the December 2021 and the January 2022 Preview of the app for macs. The issue doesn't happen in the November 2021 version of the app.


Some example of text in column names that leads to the crash/disconnect:


  • Patient Type
  • Patient Num
  • Partial Post C




  • I can reconnect to the session after the disconnect, but it disconnects as soon as I try again to drag the column into pivot setup
  • We're using Excel 2016
  • I'm on macOS 11.6
  • I've tested using the Dec 2021 update for Windows and it's ok. Seems just to be an issue with the mac version


I was wonder if anyone else can replicate this issue to confirm it's not just our org?


edit: I've just checked this page about fixed issues, and it says this about the 2201 release of the app:


"The desktop session closes unexpectedly when you drag a cell in a PivotTable in an Excel sheet. [HDX-37178]"


So it seems it will be fixed, but it's not working in the preview version I had installed, which seems to have been removed from being available....


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