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Add new Subnet

Manoj Rana

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It depends, so I can't provide links to articles. I don't understand, want you want to do.

Adding a new subnet is as simple as adding a new IP (system -> network -> IP).

Or are you talking about L2? Just plug a cable, add an IP, like mentioned before, that's it.

Are you talking about a new VLANs? Create the VLAN (system -> network -> vLan), add an IP, that's it. There are "port based VLANs" (they don't have tags, they exist just inside an ADC and are mainly used to bind IPs to ports) and tagged VLANs.




Johannes Norz



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Well, plug a cable, add a SNIP in this subnet, and traffic will go through this cable. No down-time.

If you want to bind the IP to this interface, you would have to create a port-based vLan, bind the IP into this vLan, bind the vLan to the port. That's it. No downtime as well.




Johannes Norz

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