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ssonsvr and Azure Joined device



I'm working on transitioning our devices from being AD domain joined to instead being Azure joined instead. This is Microsoft's recommendation going forward for using things like Autopilot and Intune. While the device is joined to Azure AD, the user is a hybrid account that is homed in on prem Active Directory and synced to Azure. When signing in, the machine will get a KDC ticket from the on-prem domain controller and that is used for pass-through authentication with on-prem services. So things like accessing network shares and on-prem websites is exactly the same experience as for a user who is using a traditional AD domain joined machine.


The only issue I'm having is Citrix. The Workspace client will not start the SSONSVR process which the client uses for passthrough authentication, despite the installer being run with the correct switches to install the process and I do see the program in the ICA-Client folder. My assumption is that since the client sees that it's not a Domain Joined device, it chooses not to run this. 


Assuming my assumption is correct, is there a way to work around this? Or should I be going about this a different way to have the client automatically login? For reference, when accessing the Storefront site though a browser on the Azure AD joined machine it signs in automatically just fine - but our users are used to having a shortcut for their published apps on their desktop rather than needing to launch a website.

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