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Is there any way to determine from host log if shutdown command in VM was internal or came from an external API?

Corey Stewart


I typically have a single random user experience unprompted shutdowns of their VM over the course of a few days.  Then after some indeterminate amount of time, the problem for that user goes away and the issue affects some other user for about a week.  Since the VMs are in a random pool, I am unable to see the event logs since the machines reset after restart.  I can only access the vSphere host logs.


Here is an excerpt from the log of the latest unexpected shutdown of a machine.


2022-01-12T18:30:48.747Z| vmx| I125: VigorTransportProcessClientPayload: opID=384841f0-30-bff6 seq=1459907: Receiving PowerState.InitiatePowerOff request.
2022-01-12T18:30:48.748Z| vmx| I125: Tools: sending 'OS_Halt' (state = 1) state change request
2022-01-12T18:30:48.748Z| vmx| I125: Tools: Changing running status: 1 => 2.


The event log from within the vCenter lists Task: Initiate guest OS shutdown , initiated by user domain/admin.   But all tasks list that user for all events.


Is there any way to determine if shutdown was due to a VM OS kernel panic, or if something external initiated the shutdown? Could there be some Citrix task that is executing this randomly?


Desktops 7.15 CU3 (MCS)

AppLayering 21.7.0

Windows 10

VDA 1912






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