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Used to be that I would enable Nagle's on every new ADC I built. However I was not supporting ICA sessions on those hosts.


I've seen "some articles" since then that hint at staying away from Nagle's and ICA as the compatibility is questionable. Was ICA designed to have Nagles off?


The only app example given by Citrix is telnet so Im wondering where do you see (what types of apps) benefits from Nagles being enabled and when does it work against you?




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As far as I know Nagle is disabled globally now by default on the latest firmware versions, maybe check if it is still enabled in the XA_XD Profile,

It can affect the performance in ICA traffic with regards to mouse and keyboard interaction,


It's usually in play for TCP to avoid congestion and so on, 

But if you are using EDT, then you can avoid any issues,




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Yes, Im running a later build of 12.1 and nagle is off in the default tcp profile but enabled in the default_XA_XD_profile,


Here's where it gets confusing/open for interpretation. The below article states that the 'default_XA_XD_profile' is used for ICA use cases - OK.

But then it states that using the default tcp profile (with nagle disabled) should suffice and to NOT bind any other tcp profiles to the Gateway - wait, what?


I'm looking for best practice profile settings for ICA WAN Connections - Nagle on/off.



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I'm on a fairly recent build of 13.0 - and Nagles is off by default in the default_XA_XD profile, and I believe this was changed in recent builds because it isn't really recommended for ICA, 

I suspect perhaps documentation may need to be updated everywhere to reflect this,


Maybe take a look here: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX121149 where it actually states:


Select the Use Nagle’s algorithm option. In NetScaler 10.5, 11.0 and 11.1 builds the "Nagle’s algorithm" option is under System > Settings > Change TCP Parameters.
Points to Note:
- Select this option for heavy flow of small packets. Not recommended for ICA traffic.
- Nagle’s algorithm is disabled in default TCP profile. However, in a custom TCP profile it is enabled currently and this will be fixed in an upcoming release . Custom profiles have to be explicitly bound for the settings to be honored.








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