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FSLogix: redirect ost file to Office Container

Igor Juric


Hello guys,


we have a Citrix LTRS 7.15CU6 Farm and we want redirect ost file of Outlook to Office Container Location.

We have installed FSLogix 2.9.7979.62170.

The fslogix logfile says that the redirection is done. The Containerfiles are visible on our share.

When we look at the Terminalserver side there are ost files under "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook" and the local disk storage is permanently growing.




We tried to move ost file to vhd with this gpo, without any luck.




1. Is it possible to move ost file completly to Office Container location without having it on the Terminalserver (to avoid growing disk size on the terminalserver)? (we are not using profile container feature!)

2. Do we need other settings?

3. Any other idea how to solve this problem?


thank you

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There is no problem ? What you see is "by design", this is how FSLogix works.

FSLogix provides a so called filter driver, which can change the physical location of a profile or in your case a single file (the OST file), this change is transparent to the operating system and the user, so on the surface it doesn't like there are any changes.

In your case, you will see the OST file grow as mailbox data is written, however the writes are going to the Office Container, not the windows profile.

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In our environment we chose to completely have Outlook create and use the .ost file on a classic 'homefolder' network share with a driveletter that is rendered invisible to the end user inside his Citrix desktop session. This way the .ost file never appears nor lives inside the FSlogix user profile, redirected or not.


A different approach you may want to consider.

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