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Quick Deploy and VDI Sizing

John Francis1709163149


We are deploying VDIs using Quick Deploy. We have only Azure AD and no OnPrem AD anymore and  I have few questions.


1. Does Quick Deploy use Azure AD?

2. Can I resize the image or the created machine after I have deployed? It looks like Quick deploy creates a standard machine from the Image what we created image with a std size,

3. We need 1TB of disk space for our image and when we build the image, we cannot specify the size. I could only specify size as I could one specify the following:

     a. Win10 Pro 20H2 + VDA 2109 (Gen1)

  I do not have an option to specify the size and I am not sure what size the image gets built to? 

4. We want to increase the image to 1TB and we could not resize it.


I was able to do this in XenServer or VMWare but in Azure when you try to resize it, it fails. 


When I go to create a catalog I am able to select only Premium Disk (SSD) under storage type and under Machine performance I choose NV8as v4. It looks like it defaults to 176GB as the temporary size. I need to have this to be 1TB. So, we need to resize it. As, we need this for Graphic Intensive desktop usage for AUTOCAD.




Can you throw some light on this please.


Thanks in advance

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