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Trying to send Encrypted Email using API

jicksy baby


Hi all 

We need to send an encrypted email . So based on your documentation we used below URL to get the encrypted mail id .

step 1:

Using POST method https://account.sf-api.com/sf/v3/EncryptedEmails.

In body {"ToRecipients": [{"Email": "xxxx.com"}], "Subject": "Testing from sharefile", "message":"hlo how are you ?","RequireUserInfo": "true" }

this time get Encrypted Emails Id.


step 2:

copy the EncryptedEmails(id), and paste in the below url using POST method


and the body {"Message": {"Id": "8550ad23-7ad2-4a86-9e39-025f6688877e"}}


 Result in an email being sent. I can receive it in my Gmail account, etc. 


 when I click the link to view the email, it gets stuck in a loop saying "Decrypting..." and never actually shows me the content of the email.


Do you have an end-to-end example of how to send an encrypted email using API? 





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