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Control key is recognized as windows button Mac OS

- Yastreb


I have a specific setup on my mac os:
control key = command and command key is control (look on picture)
after that control key stops recognizes on citrix workspace as control and become a windows button
but it should work properly like in Amazon workspace and windows remote
can you help?

Monosnap 2022-01-06 23-39-51.png

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There is default setting in Citrix Workspace App for Mac:


Please make sure the settings are aligned with your Mac settings.

Keyboards and the ways keys are configured can differ widely between machines. Citrix Workspace app for Mac therefore offers several choices to ensure that keystrokes can be forwarded correctly to hosted applications and desktops. If you adjust the defaults (using Citrix Workspace app for Mac or other preferences), different keystroke combinations might be forwarded and other behavior might be observed on the Remote PC Access. Please refer to below product doc for more information: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-workspace-app-for-mac/configure.html#windows-shortcuts-and-key-combinations

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