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PVS Multi streaming IP address

Erwin Linker




We want to migrate our terminal servers to a dedicated streaming netwerk. The idea was to add a second streaming ip address to PVS and then change customer for customer (terminal servers). But when i add a second IP to the streaming IP addresses i saw that the terminal servers lost the connection and didn't reconnect.


Does anybody know how the "Streaming IP addresses" works exactly? Is it possible to add a second IP but not using it straight away?




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Hi Erwin, do existing PVS targets have network connectivity to the new PVS streaming network?

The design cannot work if PVS targets do not have network connectivity to all the IPs which are configured as streaming IPs.

New server IP should be valid for targets to stream from, and so targets will be directed to stream from it on login.
If targets do not have connectivity to new PVS streaming IP, they will hang.

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