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Loadbalancing for Cisco Ironport (ESA)


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In Citrix CNS-420 class, they say, you have to use L2 or L3 load-balancing for firewall load-balancing.


There is also product documentation about firewall load-balancing for both, ingress and outgoing traffic.


In the end, it's always a service of type ANY, port *, so you can send ANY traffic on any port (*) through it. It works perfectly well.




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On 1/18/2022 at 3:47 PM, nlffel439 said:

Thanks for your Answer. ?

The problem is that the Netscaler uses the SNIP to the backend and not the source IP. 

It depends on settings. You may turn on "Use Source IP Address" on service/service-group level. And it can't use SNIP in L2 or L3 mode, as neither a bridge, nor a router, is a proxy device. In "Use Source IP Address" mode and L2/L3 mode, it will keep the original IP address.




Johannes Norz


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