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Change Netscaler AAA logon page title

Martijn Kools

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I'm using Netscaler 13.1 with nfactor. When the user logs on you can see it lands on the AAA vServer logon page, the page title shows Netscaler AAA. I tired to bind a new customized theme but this does not work, changing the page title still shows Netscaler AAA.


If you google on 'Netscaler AAA' you can find a whole lot of Netscalers with this default title. That's why I want to change it because this imposes a security risk. It would be too easy to find.


Any idea how I can do this?

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22 hours ago, Martin Meier said:

never tried but I would try to add the new text to a variable in /var/netscaler/logon/themes/[theme_name]/strings.[language].json

{"NetscalerAAA":"New Page Title"}

because the AAA page source shows:

<title class="_ctxstxt_NetscalerAAA">NetScaler AAA</title>



Thanks, tried that but didn't work. Still shows AAA. That would be the same as adjusting the portal theme through the GUI. I already had the values there.


I think it's because I'm using the login schema, I probably need to add it to the XML. Not sure how though.

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I had the problem that I could change what I wanted in the WebGUI editor of the loginschema and that only the names of the language variables were displayed in the browser. I was able to solve that with this, it may also help with your problem

cd /var/netscaler/logon/themes/MYCUSTOMTHEME/
rm strings.*.json
ln -sf /var/netscaler/logon/LogonPoint/custom/strings.*.json ./


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For some reason AAA using the Login Schema bypasses the theme customizations but I was able to accomplish this by editing the two files below. It is persistent across reboots but it may get wiped during an upgrade (I haven't tested that yet).


Also if you are using a HA pair you would have to make the changes on both Citrix ADC's (NetScaler's) nodes. 


NetscalerAAA:"NetScaler AAA"

<title class="_ctxstxt_NetscalerAAA">Netscaler AAA</title>

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