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I found similar issue had been raised here but there was no solution.



There are a few quick key that was using SPACEBAR in many adobe application.

For example, pressing SPACEBAR will temporarily toggle on hand tool, where you could drag the doc while holding down the SPACEBAR.


This doesn't work for Workspace for MAC (it works for Workspace for Windows). 

In MAC version, if you press down the SPACEBAR, the hand tool did show up, problem is when you try to click and drag the doc, the cursor will change back to a normal pointer (i.e. not hand tool).

I believe somehow MAC workspace doenst treat SPACEBAR as a modifier, so it could not register SPACEBAR and other key or button at the same time.


This affect our users a great deal. It would be much appreciated if anyone could advise a solution or even a workaround for this issue.


Many thanks.

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