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CiC does not include members in Load Balance - ServiceGroup

Alberto Moreno

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Hi all,


In a Kubernetes cluster 1.22 (Istio 1.11). Installed CiC v. 1.21.09. All is fine.

Deployed a simple app (nginx hello world).

When we try to create the ingress, in Citrix ADC all is created fine, but VS in Load Balancer   is down. We found that the Load Balancing Virtual Server ServiceGroup Binding is empty, no members on it. The servers (2) are created correctly but CiC doesn't populate with that members. As a result we can't reach de url. We can add manually, server ip and port, then it works.

Any ideas? we tested various version of CiC and always same behaviour.

Need urgent help, no way to resolve ?


I attached yaml for cic deploy, yaml for ingress and the log from cic. The log contains the deploy for CiC version and the deploy for ingress app (mode DEBUG)


Best regards


citrix-k8s-ingress-controller.txt testcic.txt

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The k8s service mentioned in the ingress needs to be in the same namespace as that of the ingress. 


Looks like your ingress is deployed in " istio-system" and the service "tempus" is deployed in "my-namespace".


What happens is once CIC receives an ingress, it looks for the service specified in it in the same namespace and since that k8s service doesnt exist the endpoints(server IP and Port)are not added.






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