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Ahmed Gala

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Hello ,


now i have a situation i have 2 virtual servers as example and when the user access the first virtual server there is a report task is done through the first vs web page through a hyper link that redirects implicitly to the second vs and i have no issue with this ,the issue is the is anew client subnet behind a natting firewall i have no issue to access that nat to the but when i access the report page from the hyper link it responds with so i want to replace it with the ip on the firewall when trying to access it from the new client subnet .

how is done through app expert rewrite policy and action ,what are the expressions to be used in policy and action in this case


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I don't fully get, what you want.


What I understand is:
Users connect to, NATted from (so users connect to server has a link to an other server, which is not available from user side, but would be available via So you need to rewrite all <a href=""> into <a href="">


Is this correct?

if it is, you have to create a rewrite action of type REWRITE_ADD, search for in HTTP.RES.BODY(10240) and replace with It's easy. It probably won't work. In case, you must enable HTTP compression and disable server side compression.




Johannes Norz




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