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ADM - search for server object

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We got v13.1-12.50 and I'm wondering about the search function

Infrastructur - > Network Functions -> Load Balancing
Then chose the "Servers" tab, I can here search for server objects on all our ADC's.
I often use "Name:" or the "IP Address:" to find what I need.
And if I combinde those two filters, I find exactly the server object right.


But here comes the kicker....
We have started to use DNS to get servers, so we just set FQDN as server object on our ADC's.
Then I can't search for "IP Address:", just "Name:"

So if I get the correct name and correct ip, it will not find the host, since ADC don't show the IP of the host. And ADM search's for IP and not FQDN

I really looks like "Name:" AND "IP Address:" in the search field

Can I somehow change this or search with "OR" instead?

"Name:" OR "IP Address:"
"Name:" || "IP Address:"



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