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Citrix ADC - Admin Partition Routing

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I have an issue.


I have setup an ADC with an Admin Partition. The Admin Partition has two if the default vlans passed through to it: VLAN21 - Public Internet side and VLAN20-Internal Network. When working off the default partition, I can ping both the internet (ping google and default gateway) and I can ping any servers in the internal network. However, when I flip across to  the Admin Partition, I can ping the SNIP address on VLAN21 side, but not the default gateway. I can also ping the SNIP on the internal side but no other services.


I have added a default route in the static route table to see the default gateway and cannot figure out why I cannot see anything on either side.


Also, I have noticed that if I attempt to bind the SNIP to the VLAN, I get an error "required argument missing name argument required for binding object" 


Anyone got any ideas?

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On 7/8/2022 at 10:36 PM, Arunas Usonis1709162840 said:

am not getting SNIP responding on another partition on shared vlan. Does it work for you ?

This issue is very different. There is no way sending traffic from one partition into an other.


Setup: 2 partitions. a partition shared vLAN, same subnet. Partition1 SNIP, Partition2 SNIP


I started a network trace on both of these partitions, on the switch, and pinged the local SNIP. I see everything working fine, no traffic on the switch.
I ping SNIP2 from Partition1: ARP requests for SNIP2 in Partition1, ARP requests on the switch, silence in partition 2. I added a static ARP entry for SNIP2 in Partition1, ICMP on the switch, but still silence in Partition2.


Greetings from sunny Austria


Johannes Norz





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