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Migrate from 7.6 to 7 2112 without in place migration

Luciano Ghilarducci


Hello, I am new on Citrix and have a doubt that may be easy for you experienced guys.

I need to build a new environment with new servers and migrate the data in orther to have the new environment with the same as I had in old.

I would like to know where are the configuration components that I have to migrate. The database? What more?

Is there an article or tool to help?

 Thanks a lot in advance!

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1 hour ago, Sjoerd Van den Nieuwenhof said:



I think it's hard to explain in just a few steps how to create a completely new farm with the same setting.

What's the reason you need to create a new environment with the same settings?





Hi, thanks in advance!

The manager thinks this would save us time.

The goal is to move to new hardware. Two companies has been just fused and we have to create a new environment to serve booth.

Booth have Citrix 7 (7.6, 7,8) with no maintenance active. (Upgrade is not an option).

A new set o licenses is being purchaded.

My idea was to create a new environment and configurations. We have resources to this task but he thinks we could save time as I told before. 

I am aware that there  are tools to move from 6x to 7x. 





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5 hours ago, Sjoerd Van den Nieuwenhof said:



I'm not familiar with any export or Import tool. 

If you are purchasing new licenses I would invest in Cloud licenses and convert te setup to  a cloud setup. https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops-service/migrate.html




I agree, but the manager wish to keep all on premises.

Hi! Thanks for your time and help!

Wish you a happy new year!


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