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"Windows Prepartion before.." - Carl Stalhoods article



I´m just wonder when to Join to domain  and create a Template to later run with
PVS XenDesktop Setup Wizard for creating new Target Machines


Im reading Carl Stalhoods Windows Preparation:


"..Computer Group Policy – Make sure the Master VM is in the same OU as the Linked Clones so the Master VM

will get the computer-level GPO settings in its registry. Run gpupdate on the master after moving the VM to

the correct OU. When Clones are created from the Master, the computer-level GPO settings will already be

applied, thus eliminating a timing issue.  ?"


-I interpret it that way due to".. moving the VM to the correct OU" that I should Join Master to Domain before
I starting ImageWrite to vDisk?


What is the recommendation ?


Before = when you work on a VM hardrive and before you create a Template.

(I also plan to use this virtual machine for write to vDisk and later create a new TargetDevice and connect the mac addresses to continue
installing VDA, install Office and run arm rearm im private mode)

After  = when yuo work on a vDisk in Private mode Join Domain, install VDA and arm + rearm Window and Office?



I'm sure I do not fully understand understand Carl Stalhoods article, but anyway, I would really appreciate if someone

could clarify my thoughts








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Great, it brings some more light into this "do it right in every step" when it comes to PVS.

Just one more of this "details".  Should I change computername somewhere in the "imaging" process?

(System: - change computername - and Join Domain)

I have a faint memory of "do not changing the computer name" but right now I dont remember in

what context - it was somewhere in the "create image process".



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Finally, I found an article where you get down to the level of all details to do the right way when you create an image for PVS.
I have probably come across this article before but not payed the attention that it requiere.
Carl Stalhood,  tremendious work with the all the "hands on" details. where far too many describe in broad strokes

Which you have no use for because the "devil is in the details with" PVS.


Here is one more detail with PVS that could ruin your work:
(Maybee this problem is solved these days, because it was 10 years a go I´v learned this lesson.)
-If you for example have VMware with DSR enabled, you should move 
the VM with vDisk in Private Mode from one host to another host so it could read the slightest hardware differences. Then shut it down and 
and turn on Standard Mode. If you dont do that and there are a few slight differences, from one host to another, your newly produced machines
will crash one by one when your VM is starting to migrating from host to host in your cluster. 




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