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Retrieve Information from Cloud Connectors through APIs or SDKs on PowerShell

Antonio Vargas


Hello everyone,


I'm trying to obtain some of the basic information of a pair of Cloud Connectors, such as the State, the Last  Update and of course the name of them.

Currently I'm using the resourceLocation method from the "https://registry.citrixworkspacesapi.net" API, and the only thing that I've accomplished to obtain was the resource location of the two Cloud Connectors that I'm looking for. I've looked in this API documentation, as well in the "https://agenthub-eastus-release-a.citrixworkspacesapi.net/" one,  that are available in Swagger UI, and I can't find something useful for this case.

My question is if there is a method in these APIs or in another one that I can use so I can visibilize the cloud connectors that are inside the resource location I've already retrieved with it's UID. Or if there is some SDK that I can use, something similar to the method Get-brokercontroller, to obtain the information that I want.


Thanks in advance.

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On 12/28/2021 at 2:08 PM, Bob Ball said:

You may find that https://agenthub-westeurope-release-a.citrixworkspacesapi.net/swagger/ui/index#!/EdgeServers/EdgeServers_Get is what you need (although call it via eastus or just agenthub.citrixworkspacesapi.net) 

Hi Bob - I am also having an issue grabbing cloud connector information, it seems like the URL you posted is returning HTML data in its response (instead of JSON format) and it does not have any information like what would be in swagger (although I had an issue getting that to work). Basically I am looking for a programmatic way to gather the information on my Citrix Cloud connector boxes, do you have any other advice?

    "id": "string",
    "fqdn": "string",
    "role": "string",
    "windowsSid": "string",
    "location": "string",
    "currentVersion": "string",
    "currentBootstrapperVersion": "string",
    "expectedVersion": "string",
    "expectedBootStrapperVersion": "string",
    "versionState": "string",
    "inMaintenance": true,
    "leaseEndDateTime": "2023-05-17T16:41:01.097Z",
    "upgradeDisabled": true,
    "connectorType": "Windows",
    "status": "string",
    "lastContactDate": "2023-05-17T16:41:01.097Z"


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