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Citrix Cloud - MCS - add to delivery group - won't register

Andrew Mellor


Added four machines to a Citrix Cloud Machine Catalog  - just using the wizard - the system uses MCS with the VMs built on Azure using an image. Allowed the wizard to complete. MG showed 4 unallocated machines. Then couldn't "add machines" to the correct delivery group from the delivery group page  - "there are no available machines in a compatible machine catalog". _Could_ add each machine to the delivery group from the search page - with a warning about checking for compatibility. The machines then appeared to power on and go into a sequence of several reboots, each time remaining "unregistered" and with a fault state of "stuck on boot". They then powered off, went into maintenance mode, and remained unregistered, powered off and (because it's MCS on Azure) they are unlisted in Azure.


Then powering ON the VMs in this maintenance mode state, they never register and remain "Stuck on boot". All the AD accounts, DNS entries, etc. appear to be created successfully. On the right LAN in Azure, etc. I can RDP to the VMs from the client's own infrastructure (mostly also hosted in Azure).


Can't see any errors other than the initial message from the DG, and then the "stuck on boot" issue - and the machines are patently not stuck. DNS, AD looks to be working fine ... seems to have all the correct routing, etc. set up ... 


Very puzzled ... Any thoughts?


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