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VDA deployment end with return code 11



hi guys,


when i try to install the vda with our baramundi after cleanup it, i get the return code 11 .. but there is no return code 11 in the citrix docs.

I tried to install it manually with cmd xendesktopvdasetup.exe /quiet -> Unknown Error "FailedMedia".


the weired thing is, whens its done with return code 11, the vda is sucesfully connected to the delivery controller ...


any idea what this code means?



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Did you happen to delete the contents of C:\Windows\Temp manually or through some automated means? I had the issue. I had an issue with automating the installation though Puppet so I wiped out C:\Windows\Temp manually as a troubleshooting step. Then I kept seeing in my XenDesktop Installation.log file this:

Failed to find the MediaID file at 'C:\windows\TEMP\Ctx-2E22A811-50C3-4ECF-9A5B-44E3219B58A0\Extract\Image-Full\x64....


The Ctx-2E22A811 folder was deleted, so I copied another ctx folder within C:\Windows\Temp that had the same VDA version and named it Ctx-2E22A811-50C3-4ECF-9A5B-44E3219B58A0. I confirmed the VDA version was the one I wanted by looking at C:\Windows\Temp\Ctx-2E22A811-50C3-4ECF-9A5B-44E3219B58A0\Extract\Image-Full\ProductVersion.txt. Lesson learned, don't wipe out those ctx folders until the installation is done.

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I searched two days for a solution for this (error occured during upgrade from VDA 2203 to 2308) and the result is to delete these directories prior starting the installation (if "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\MetaInstall\ExitCode" is 11):

    1. "C:\ProgramData\Citrix\CTQs\metainstaller.dat"

    2. "C:\ProgramData\Citrix\XenDesktopSetup"

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