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Citrix Application layering. Application in the OS layer disappears when Elastic layer is applied.

Mick Martin




I have a client that has google chrome installed at the OS layer for updating purposes.  However When an elastic layer that had chrome on it in the past is applied the application disappears.   I can see there is a chrome folder structure in the workload with the elastic layer applied.  Is there a way to tell that application layer that Chrome was never installed on the Elastic layer?   

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Yeah i dont like it.  I told them to create a "base applications layer."  Something that goes on all the images for that OS layer.  But they balked.   Maybe they will be ok with it now when i tell them thy have to recreate 7 application layers.   We do disable the updates however these sessions do not have internet access so I think that is more of a workload resource issue.   


So with what your saying and consuming that.  If I were to push them to uninstall teh app from the OS layer and create a base layer I would still be in the same boat in terms of having to recreate the aplication layers?

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Could i remove the apps from the OS layer and create a BASE Application layer.  Put these apps in that new BASE layer and set that priority higher then other elastic layers?  If that BASE application layer was in the image template would the elastic layers still take priority?  Im trying to massage it in here as i beleive they will be upgrading the OS next year causing a reshuffle.  In which i can push them to do the BASE apps because of this issue.  


By the way I have used a ton of your advise in the past.  It is much appreciated.  

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Hi Mick,


Chrome is problematic because they like to change folders which means you can have different ones in different layers which seems to confuse the browser. 

if all of your layers that have chrome are elastic including the base layer you are talking about then it may work. Just remember all elastic layers have higher priority than the published image.

Always glad to help out.



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