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Citrix ADC EPA nCore

Kevin Lim

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I am running Citrix ADC 13.0 firmware, and want to have nCore EPA to perform the following check on Windows and MacOS platforms. The checks are:

a) Generic Antivirus software is running

b) Firewall is running

c) OS Update age old  < 30 days


Can suggest me how to write the expression with the above requirement?


Below is the sample expression for Windows platform:

sys.client_expr("app_0_ANTIVIR_0_0_RTP_==_TRUE[COMMENT: Generic Antivirus Product Scan]") &&sys.client_expr("app_0_FIREWALL_0_0_ENABLED_==_TRUE[COMMENT: Generic Firewall Product Scan]" )&& sys.client_expr("sys_0_WIN-UPDATE_SCAN-TIME_<_30[COMMENT: Windows Update]")


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