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split tunnel issues with Windows plug-in


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Hello everyone, today Citrix released a new Windows plug-in

and after I installed it, now my split tunnel is not working.. 


this is the setup I have:

ADC 12.1 latest FW  (Citrix ADC Release (Maintenance Phase) 12.1 Build 63.22/63.23)

VPN vserver configured with reverse split tunnel

our intranet application has zoom and exchange online subnets,

the traffic to our internal resources are going fully in the vpn tunnel,

and zoom and emails are going through the end user/ISP end , to zoom and exchange directly and not through our vpn tunnel in order to enhance the performance etc.

this setup was working totally fine, with the old vpn client/plugin

but with the new plugin, zoom,email are not working and when i do trace route from the user laptop, it is getting timed out, so the routes seems missing

or the intranet application are missing.

anyway i reverted all users to an older version and things worked again..

trace route worked again to zoom and exchange online too.


anyone has same setup "split tunnel with reverse" ? and tried the new plugin ? any issues? 


thank you

Best regards 

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On 1/19/2022 at 9:45 PM, Philippe Ehrenfeld said:


We do have the exact same issue with the new plugin. Exchange online and team are not connecting anymore.

Revert to plugin split worked again.

Should open a citrix case.

Kind regards


thank you Philippe for your reply, yup it seems there is an issue with this version, keep us posted please when their support come back to you .. 

for me, I didn't open a case yet, but might do soon



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