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What is the procedure to add the new storefront servers to NetScaler load balancer server group after migrating StoreFront Servers to a higher Operating System.


We have two Storefront (1912 CU3)  servers in a server group having windows 2012R2 OS. We are migrating them to Windows server 2019 OS by exporting and  importing the storefront configuration from current running storefront primary server. What is the procedure to add the new storefront servers to NetScaler VPX load balancing server group and storefront server group. Is there any downtime required? How to gracefully replace the old storefront servers in server group?

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Are you adding the newly created storefront servers to the same server group withinin Storefront?


If yes, make sure to propagate the changes from the "master" storefront to the newly added storefront servers, then add those newly added storefront servers to your loadbalancing vip. 

Then disable the old storefront servers in your loadbalancing vip (don't remove), make sure that everything is working. 

When everything is working you can remove them from the gateway and remove them from the Storefront server group. 


You don't have any downtime. 

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