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Unable to update VPX through SDX SVM

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At a customer of ours there ar 2 SDX 14020 SDX appliances with both 3 ADC instances on them, primary instances on 1 SDX and the secondary on the other SDX appliance.

Upgraded both SDX appliances to the latest 12.1 FW (


I can upgrade 2 of out the 3 HA ADC instances through SVM to the latest 12.1 FW ( on both SDX appliance but 1 HA instance I receive an error  log when doing the upgrade; 

Error:SCP:Failed to connect on x.x.x.x


The same error on both primary instance as well on secondary. I can successfully connect with putty to both and also with WINSCP. In the past the update on the instances was done through Putty without SVM, so my guess this is part of the problem. Rebooted both instances as wel as the SDX appliances with no succes. Update through putty is working as expected. 


Any ideas or should a reinstall of the instances through SVM would help correct this problem? 

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Is the VPX available from service VM? Can you manage from service VM? Do you see metrics? That's a requirement. I am pretty sure, you can connect to both machines from your work station. But service VM directly connects to the VPX to copy firmware there, so this has to be possible.




Johannes Norz




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Hi Johannes, 


thank you for the answer and sorry for my late reply but have been busy with other issues. 


Yes i can manage the ADC instances from the SVM. Performing shutdown, restart etc, all works fine. I can see through WINSCP that the copy of the firmware partially happens.

Checked diskspace of the appliances and all is well. Only remedy i can see (and maybe the least time consuming) is trying to reinstall the instances (break HA, reinstall secondary and rebuild HA), but maybe you have some other ideas about this? Sure would like to know what the problem is of course.




Nic Jongen


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Jongen, I have no idea. In v13, there is a way to copy within SDX (so no network traffic needed), but it doesn't work with 12.1. My thought was, the service VM has no connection. You could trouble-shoot by doing a network trace on the VM and see, what happens during file-transfer. Maybe "something in between" blocks, probably a firewall detecting a "virus" in ADC firmware or anything like that?





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