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WAF unexpected block SQL injection

Claudio Campioni



We enabled WAF engine in our Citrix ADC VPX. In particolar we need your assistence for HTML SQL injection.

Some urls are bloccekd by WAF because

1- they contain following character -> '

2- they contain string GROUP or AND etc.

we don't want to block those urls. How we can enable these strings or character without decrease waf security level.

Thank you

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You should have a specific field or header causing the violation.  You can use learning to create a relaxation (exemption) for that field or header and that combo (or a granular exception) which exempts a sub pattern.


Syslog should have a record of the violation and the exact URL field or header where the violation is seen.

Use learning to exempt the field or header from the sql injection protection (either completely) or a specific pattern while protecting it from everything else.

All non-exempted fields are still fully protected.




cd /var/log

tail -F /var/log/ns.log | grep APPFW



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