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Cannot Launch Citrix Apps Through StoreFront after CA SSL Certificate Expiry

Marc Bannon

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Good morning. I inherited a very old Citrix system (Lic Mgr 11.12.1  SF NS 10.5) and have zero Citrix expertise so apologies in advance if I am wasting people's time here.


All Storefront apps started coming up with SSL 70 Error: The server sent an expired security certificate (see attached).  The cert was the NetScaler cert which had expired as per the message. In the process of renewing, I discovered the internal CA cert had also expired. The CA was renewed and extended with the same private key and the Netscaler cert subsequently renewed.


The CA cert has propagated as would be expected on a Windows system and both the CA and Netscaler cert have been replaced and verified via the NS console.


All Storefront apps are now coming up with the SSL 70 error but rather than the Netscaler cert, they are complaining that the CA cert is expired. The dates would indicate that this is the OLD CA cert even through the Trusted Root Store, IIS etc. all reflect the renewed cert (same name as the old obviously but future expiry date and different thumbprint from the old).


Any help appreciated.


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