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Looking for Citrix statement on CVE-2021-44228 Log4j

Jim Heintz

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Work in-progress it appears. Keep on eye on this page https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX335705


Beyond knowing if our Citrix products are directly affected, and I hope they are not because I've seen mutliple attempts at accessing these vulnerabilities in our logging, I am more interested in how the Citrix ADC can be utilised to plug this security hole for services they reverse proxy.


Eg picking up the exploit \$\{jndi:(ldap[s]?|rmi|dns):/[^\n]+ being used in user-agent or request body, and terminating the session.

I'm brand new in here, never working with Citrix ADCs before, just F5 BigIP so any help would be appreciated.



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