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WAF Signature CVE-2021-44228

Benjamin Toelle


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Kinda but not really, your best bet is converting these rules to WAF. (CTRL+F 2021-44228). To note these rules are specific to different protocols (ports) whereas the unique payloads (ldap,ldaps,rmi,dns etc) is probably more what you're interested in.


NS 13 supports Snortv3 format for import formats.




Last update 19 Nov 2021



Useful if you're trying to use HTTP_ANY or methods documented but not accessible in the GUI.



Good luck all.

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Hi NetScaler Team,


Directly downloading the signature file (not using the GUI update option), I see that there are the CVE-2021-44228 signatures.

The link is the following, and that file is imported as a new signature:



A separate query, the signatures that are downloaded from snort (for example snort3-community-rules.tar.gz), do not contain the signatures for CVE-2021-44228, so I have to pay the subscription to download the updated signatures? or how it works there.
Thanks you




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